Alexander I

Great Seal of Alexander I

Alexander I was the fifth son of Malcolm III born around 1078. He took the throne in 1107 after the death of his brother Edgar and ruled until 1124 when he was succeeded by his younger brother David I.

When his elder brother Edgar died in 1107 he left instruction for the kingdom to be split between Alexander and David, so while Alexander was the king his younger brother and successor held much of the south of Scotland.

Like his brothers Alexander was a pious man but he also had a ruthless streak which he displayed in putting down a revolt in Moray and which led to his nickname "the Fierce".

Alexander married an illegitimate daughter of King Henry I of England and joined him in his campaign against Wales in 1114. Alexander's wife Sybilla died in 1122 and produced no heir for Alexander though he did father at least one illegitimate child.

His piety saw him establish several monasteries including Scone and Inchcolm and he defended the independence of the Scottish church. He died at Stirling in 1124.