Dunfermline location in Scotland
Population: 43,760

Dunfermline is a town in Fife and was the capital of Scotland a long time ago. King Malcolm III was married to Margaret (later Saint Margaret) in the town in 1070 and she founded the priory which was to become an abbey under her son David I.

Edward I burned Dunfermline Abbey as part of his attempted subjugation of Scotland but Robert I rebuilt it. In fact Robert the Bruce is also buried in Dunfermline Abbey.

The wife of King James VI, Anne, built Dunfermline Palace as a replacement for the Abbey guest house and Charles I was born there. It was last used by Charles II in 1651 and has since crumbled away and little of it remains today.

Dunfermline is also the birthplace of Andrew Carnegie the famous philanthropist and he provided a free library, public baths, a theatre and in 1903 the estate of Pittencrieff Park for the townsfolk.

In terms of industry there were coal fields in the area and Dunfermline has a long association with linen production. Modern industries include electronics and engineering, though in recent years employment in these industries has been in decline. The High Street of Dunfermline is pedestrianised and there are two train stations offering easy access to Edinburgh or the north.