Scotland is a wee, jaggy bit of land at the top of Britain in the North West of Europe. The population is a little over 5 million and the weather is generally wet and cold. Despite the weather you'll find Scotland is well worth a visit and the people are welcoming and friendly.

The capital city is Edinburgh, though Glasgow is much larger, and the parliament in Edinburgh seats the devolved government. The vast majority of Scots live in the Central Belt in the South of Scotland, there are some cities further up the East Coast but large tracts of the mountainous Northern interior are empty and the North West Highlands and Islands are only sparsely populated.

There are loads of great places to visit in Scotland whatever your interests may be. This section will give you a taste of some of these places, a bit of historical background and an indication of what to seek out should you decide to visit.

The places have been broken down below into cities, towns, villages, islands and sites of interest.

You can click on the map or the links below for more information on each place.

Edinburgh Glasgow Dundee Aberdeen Stirling Skara Brae Linlithgow Falkirk Crianlarich Inverness Dunfermline Oban Eriskay Iona

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Sites of Interest