Skara Brae

Neolithic village of Skara Brae

Skara Brae is the most complete Neolithic village in Europe. It is located in the Bay of Skaill on Orkney and features eight houses linked together by alleyways. The site was discovered in 1850 after a winter storm revealed the settlement outline but a full excavation wasn't completed until the late 1920's. Skara Brae is believed to have been settled from around 3100 B.C. but was abandoned in 2500 B.C. perhaps due to the climate change which saw the temperature drop.

The villagers were apparently farmers and fishermen and their dwellings were well built and contained stone furniture, a drainage system, fragments of pottery, necklaces of bone and carved ornaments. Covered for over 4,000 years the settlement is extremely well preserved and attracts a large number of visitors to Orkney each year.

Neolithic stone furniture in the village of Skara Brae