Stirling location in Scotland
Population: 41,243

Stirling is an ancient city which has been settled since the stone age. Many Scottish kings ruled from the city and it has long been an important strategic spot. The city features a spectacular castle upon a volcanic crag and a medieval old town at its centre.

In 1500 James IV built the Great Hall at Stirling Castle, the biggest medieval banqueting hall in Scotland which has since been restored to its former glory. James VI held his coronation at the Church of the Holy Rude in Stirling in 1567.

The area around Stirling is steeped in history and many famous battles took place here such as the Battle of Stirling Bridge and the Battle of Bannockburn. The National Wallace Monument was built there atop Abbey Craig and is well worth a visit. The monument also houses Wallace's famous sword and it takes 264 steps to reach the top but when you do the view is fantastic.

Stirling University opened in 1967, the campus is out of town on the site of an 18th century estate and is surrounded by some stunning scenery.

As late as 2002 Stirling was granted city status though it had long been a Royal Burgh. The modern city is an interesting mix of new and old and there are many tourist attractions encouraging over a million visitors every year. You can find out more about Stirling at the Council Website.

Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Stirling

National Wallace Monument
Stirling Castle