National Wallace Monument

William Wallace is perhaps the most famous hero of Scottish history and it is fitting that he should have a grand monument built in his honour. The National Wallace Monument sits on the Abbey Craig which is around 2 miles north of Stirling. This spot was chosen as it is believed this is where William Wallace sat watching the approach of the English army before his most famous battle, the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

The monument took 8 years to build and cost over £10,000 which was raised by the Scottish people both at home and abroad. The construction, which is 67 metres high, was completed in 1869 and has remained a popular tourist attraction ever since.

The sword of William Wallace

Inside the monument on the ground floor there is a shop, a cafe and a display about Wallace. On the first floor you´ll find more information telling the story of William Wallace´s life and his campaign against the English invaders.

The first floor is also where you will find his famous sword resting in a display case. The sword of William Wallace is an impressive sight indeed, 66 inches (5ft 6in) long with a 52 inch blade it weighs 6lbs (2.7 kg). It would have been an intimidating weapon in battle and indicates the height and stature of the man who wielded it.

The second floor of the monument houses the Hall of Heroes and includes marble busts of a wide range of important Scots such as Robert the Bruce, Robert Burns, Adam Smith and Sir Walter Scott.

The third floor features a history of the monument itself and a display charting how it was constructed.

Finally upon reaching the top of the monument, having climbed 246 steps in all you will be treated to a spectacular view of the surrounding area and in particular nearby Stirling Castle.

There are audio tours available with commentary in five languages and the recently expanded car park is free.

The William Wallace monument is located just outside the city of Stirling and is signposted from the city centre and the nearby A91. It is open to the public daily all year round and currently costs £6.50 for adults and £4 for children, group discounts are available.

In 1997 after the success of the film Braveheart there was a small statue of William Wallace placed in the car park of the monument. However the statue caused much controversy as it appeared to be modelled on Mel Gibson rather than Wallace himself and after repeated bouts of vandalism it has finally been removed.

National Wallace Monument